Meet the Team

Everyone says it, but in our case it is true: Our members are the secret to our success. Our team consists of members of different nationalities, backgrounds, and origins. What unites us is the enthusiasm to leave a positive impact on the fight against climate change. Each member is amazing in their own way, but together they are what makes TUM Carbon Removal. We are proud of the team we have built. TUM Carbon Removal now consists of 39 members that are working on designing, building, and testing our technologies and a full-scale prototype.

Our Team and Activities

Our team consists of members from several nationalities and different academic backgrounds. What connects us is the shared belief that Carbon Capture and Storage can be a reliable technology, if done correctly. The TUM Carbon Removal Initiative consists of several departments that manage and organize all the activities and technology development of the team. We currently have the following departments:

1. Management Board

3. Operations Team

4. Capture Team

5. Storage Team

6. Electronics Team

7. Economics Team

8. Environmental Justice & Policy Team